M&S claims to have produced the 'Best Ever Macaroni Cheese' in time for Christmas in Milton Keynes

M&S has thrown out a challenge to mac and cheese lovers with their new festive product.

Wednesday, 2nd December 2020, 1:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd December 2020, 1:34 pm

The store claims 'Our Best Ever Macaroni Cheese' is unbeatable in terms of cheesiness, texture and flavour.

A spokesman said: "Our Best Ever Macaroni Cheese is ready to make all your cheese dreams come true and it’s vegetarian. It's made with four different premium cheeses for varying texture and flavour; cave aged cheddar for tang, Pecorino for a salty bite, Emmental for nutty sweetness and great melted texture and finally a hidden layer of mozzarella for that creamy stringiness which epitomizes the dish."

The dish is topped with a crunchy ciabatta garlic crumb, a drizzle of roasted garlic oil, fresh parsley, crispy onions, and more mozzarella.

No-one can beat this mac and cheese, says M&S

"The pasta is our finest free-range Italian egg elbow pasta, with well-defined ridges to perfectly cling onto that cheesy goodness."

The dish is part of the M&S 2020 festive range, which includes an array of all-butter mince pies, triple-chocolate panettone, slow-cooked turkey legs, a Star-Studded Sausage Roll Garland Stack (three-tier tower of sausage rolls), and Mushroom and Camembert pie.

April Preston, director of product development at Marks and Spencer said: “This year, customers have been telling us they want to embrace the spirit of Christmas more than ever. We won’t want to confine Christmas to one day, we’ll be looking to extend the festive season and turn it into a series of moments, celebrating with loved ones in whatever way we can.

She added: “Christmas isn’t a time our customers want to hold back, and food will continue to play a central part in their celebrations."

M&S mince pies