New kitchen 'transformation' business that saves people buying new worktops opens up in Milton Keynes

A company that covers old kitchen worktops with granite or stone is opening its doors in MK.

Despite the economic uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Trend Transformations is boldly opening a state-of-the-art showroom in Blakelands this month.

The franchise business specialises in granite and quartz worktop overlays – the top that fits on top.

They say the solution is environmentally friendly, affordable and is fitted quickly with minimal mess and no fuss.

Existing worktops are covered with an overlay

Trend Transformations managing director Tony Rivenell said: "Why cut huge slabs of granite and stone out of the ground, only to throw away huge amounts into landfill when you can cover perfectly solid material with a recycled, durable and warrantied product?"

He said the Covid pandemic and associated lockdown provided him with the "time and clarity" to create a robust plan for his business launch.

“What’s been good in the last few months is that it has given us space and time to think about it properly. We’ve had the extra time. Getting funding has been tough but the fact that we’ve got it all in place shows that we’ve got a good plan behind us and that really gives me confidence in what we are doing.”

The worktop overlay is made with up to 72 per cent of recycled material and is incredibly hard wearing because of the amount of resin in it.

Tony said: “We use naturally tough materials that will stand the test of time. Our products are highly functional, resilient, stain and scratch resistant and look fantastic too.”

He added: “MK is hugely outpacing the national average in terms of the number of new properties. Our customers are moving into new builds and aren’t happy with their kitchen or they’ve been in five to seven years and need a refresh. There’s a real market for this product.”