Take a look inside this stunning £60,000 a year, seven-bedroom Milton Keynes home - which is being rented out at a discounted rate

Potential tenants are being offered a 'rare opportunity' of a discounted rent at a £60,000 a year country house in Milton Keynes - if they agree to refurbish the property.

Interested suitors could rent Battlesden House at a discounted rate - which has a tennis court, swimming pool and its very own stables - in exchange for carrying out renovation and restoration works.

The country home is made up of the former stable block and coach house and is surrounded by 12 acres of parkland designed by eminent gardener and architect Sir Joseph Paxton, best known for creating The Crystal Palace in London.

The seven-bed property is currently available to let through Savills.

Letting agent Claire Pincott, from Savills, said: “Any proposed changes would need to be agreed in advance with the property’s owners, with some items such as thermal upgrading included as a requirement. However the rest is very much up for negotiation.

"We don’t expect any structural changes to form part of the project. It will be mostly decoration and modernisation of the existing layout.

“We’d be expecting the tenants to stay for a term of between five and 20 years and the renovations would be carried out at their own expense, but reflected in the agreed reduction in rent.

"Typically for a property of this size you would expect to pay something in the region of £60,000 a year so it represents a rare opportunity – ideal for someone with an eye for interior design or a passion for older buildings.”

Claire said demand for property in well-connected rural locations such as this – with plenty of space both inside and out and room to work from home – has been in high demand since lockdown restrictions were eased.

She said: "Given the relative long term nature of the lease it would possibly suit a family who were looking to move to the area for its schooling – yet still be within a relatively short distance of London at a very reasonable cost – or a professional couple who want to move out of the city and work more from home.”

The original Battlesden House was built in the late 16th century and demolished in 1860, with a new 40 room property built in 1864. Although this building was partly demolished in 1885 the ground floor was initially retained and used as a nursing home during the First World War and a maternity home in the Second World War.

Tenants are not expected to carry out the work themselves, but all contractors would need to hold the relevant professional accreditations and qualifications, as well as appropriate insurances.

For more information about the property contact Savills on 01494 731960.