Milton Keynes camping company offers competition prize for post-lockdown trips

The camping company in Milton Keynes is offering new prizes for post-lockdown trips.

Friday, 26th March 2021, 11:43 am
Updated Friday, 26th March 2021, 1:40 pm

The Parklife team is offering a Parklife hoodie (£50), Campervan cookies, Parklife playing cards, an MK mixed concrete cow brewery bo and, a Cross Keys meal voucher to the lucky competition winners. Other goodies likely to be included closer to the competition being finalised are: Parklife Merchandise, Stickers, a magnet and other potential surprises to be announced at a later date.

More details on how to enter and what the competition will entail, will be confirmed at a later date.

Here's a message from the Parklife team:

The Parklife Campers team

"Hi there! We are Katie, Ali, Euan & Jude – Parklife Campers!

"Family explorers, adventurers, mischief makers, smile & memory creators and chaos co-ordinators! We have two brand new shiny T6’1 California Oceans ready for your Parklife adventure, these are very highly spec’d and fully kitted out ready for your own memory making!

"Our first journey in a campervan came in April 2010 when a planned trip to Thailand was cancelled due to the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland. We’ll never forget feeling really organised and excited, packed ready to go, with a new summer wardrobe and travel guides at the ready, and within 24 hours we were unpacking and getting our heads around all flights being grounded. A familiar feeling for most of us following all the recent lockdowns and travel restrictions!

"Over the years, it has been an aspiration to own a number of vans and share the experience with likeminded people looking for alternative ways to holiday. That dream is now a reality with Parklife Campers. We don’t have a map, just pure self-navigation and determination. Break the norm, go your own way and share our journey.

Parklife campers are awarding prizes to Milton Keynes residents

"The road ahead is soon to be open and through our experience and enthusiasm, we’ll help you prepare the journey of your dreams.

"Find your new normal with Parklife Campers!"