Milton Keynes mum blogger wins hearts and minds despite being 'outed' as former sex worker

A Milton Keynes mum who writes a popular blog about family life has made a public apology after being 'outed' as a former sex worker.

Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 12:15 pm
Candice has over 50,000 followers on Instagram

Candice Braithwaite's past was revealed when a mystery troll tried to discredit her.

But instead of causing shame, the revelation brought nothing by sympathy for 30-year-old Candice, who lives in Stony Stratford with her partner and children Esme, aged five, and 19-month-old RJ.


She said: "Hello everyone, it has come to light today that something I was hoping, for the sake of my children, not to have to address (until later when they are older), has been shared online and circulated to my professional partners by someone trying to discredit me.

"Six years ago I took part in a documentary about sex workers because, for a time, I was one my self. I am not ashamed of that time in my life and my partner and family have always been aware of it, although I regret the embarrassment this will cause those close to me, both personally and professionally."

Candice added: "Life is complicated. I can't pretend I have all the answers but I am trying to be as transparent in this moment as I possibly can be. If what I have done has caused harm and pain then I am truly sorry."

The post rapidly racked up more than a thousand likes, and followers wrote comments of sympathy.

Part of Candice's Instagram post

One fan said: "'You have absolutely nothing to apologise for. You are a phenomenal woman and it angers me that idiotic people are trying to bring you down! Sending you so much love."

Another wrote: "This doesn't change anything about you, I don't even understand why anyone would care. Sending you so so much love."

Candice, who has a background in marketing, describes herself on her website as a ‘Mummy Blogger, Influencer and founder of Make Motherhood Diverse – an online initiative that aims to encourage a 'more accurate and and diverse depiction of motherhood in the media'.

Her straight-talking content about family life has struck a chord with fans and brands alike, and she has worked on numerous campaigns for brands including Pampers and Ella’s Kitchen baby foods.

She is currently working on her first book.