New mental health support programme launched at Milton Keynes company

This business has renewed its commitment to well being and mental health by announcing this partnership.

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 11:38 am

Plumbing and Gas Solutions, in Wymbush, Milton Keynes has partnered with local mental health social enterprise Arthur Ellis.

The business was launched by Carl Yeomanson in 2010 and in January of this year Carl and his team launched a second business, Facilities and Management Solutions.

With the expansion of both businesses Carl has this month invested in professional wellbeing support. Carl explained: “Life is full of ups and downs and I feel strongly that it is essential to support and empathise with the whole team.

Arthur Ellis Mental Health Services

"Our minds are powerful and any additional help and support we can give to our staff to make their lives smoother is great – both for them personally and also for the company as whole. This service will, I believe, give everyone the tools to know when they need help, as well as access to expert support.

“As a business that is passionate about supporting the local community and giving back to charities ourselves, it is an added bonus to know that the revenue generated from the corporate work done by Arthur Ellis is then used to fund and run a one-to-one service for young people and adults in need.“

Social enterprise, Arthur Ellis, was founded by Jon Manning in 2017. Its overriding objective is to get people talking about mental health and to provide support so that when someone is experiencing any difficulties there is practical help available.

Founder Jon said: “We are working with Carl and his team to develop quarterly wellbeing strategies, including quarterly workshops for staff. We will focus on preventative techniques, including how to cope positively with change - whether this be seasonal changes, office moves or other life events they may encounter.“

Staff will also be able to access Arthur Ellis’ one-to-one service and, if requested, seek support from the team of mental health mentors.