Phone and laptop repairs Milton Keynes

A Milton Keynes tech repair firm has expanded its services, meaning it can now tackle every mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer issue you could have.

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Monday, 7th June 2021, 9:44 am
The team at Rebooted Tech are specialists in iPhone and iPad repairs
The team at Rebooted Tech are specialists in iPhone and iPad repairs

Rebooted Tech employs three experienced engineers who can carry out a range of repairs and upgrades on all devices.

They are specialists in iPhone and iPad repairs, as well as being experts in Windows and Apple computers, and Samsung products too.

Formerly known as Andy Repairs, the expanded firm can now take on corporate contracts for business repairs and servicing, which includes discounts for batch repairs, alongside jobs for members of the public.

The expanded firm can now take on corporate contracts for business repairs and servicing.

Broken your iPhone glass? Not a problem. Laptop running slow? They’ll soon have it running at speed. Virus-ridden? Let them at it!

Tom from Rebooted Tech said: “Computers and phones are expensive pieces of equipment, but all too often people think it’s not economic to repair them, and are pleasantly surprised when they hear what we can do. We can do many repairs on the day, and carry out upgrade work to add years to the lifetime of your gadget.”

With a same day or next day service as normal, they can also give you a quick online quote so you can price your work quickly and easily.

The website Creation team can design a new website with full functionality with the added option of continual management to keep it fresh. Also on offer is web domain hosting and a dedicated team to run your social media accounts. This allows even the least tech-savvy entrepreneur to present a professional and modern face to the world, maximising your business success in a digital world.

Rebooted Tech employs three experienced engineers

Customer testimonials

Previous customers speak very highly of the work carried out.

John Killoran said: “Tried quite a few phone repair places in Milton Keynes and this is the best. (I) will definitely come back again if I have any problems in the future.”

And for Dan Tyler it was the prompt service, even during Covid rules, that worked for him. “Quality repairs, good as new. Great price and (a) reliable trustworthy experience.”

Rebooted Tech

And if you think your device is too old to be revitalised, think again. Jordan Byrne, another happy customer, said: “(They) fixed my six-year-old Macbook Pro super quickly considering the current situation, also fixed some extra cosmetics I didn’t expect, and was the cheapest in the Milton Keynes area. 10/10).

As well as carrying out repairs, the firm also offers free advice to help prolong the life of your battery and maintain optimum performance for years to come, on how to quickly respond to accidents and even how to avoid being let down if you buy second hand.

Rebooted Tech is open Monday to Friday. Find them at Suite 140 MK Business Centre, Foxhunter Drive, Linford Wood, call 01908 753311 or email [email protected] for friendly help and advice.