Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Milton Keynes again this afternoon

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to arrive in Milton Keynes imminently - for the second time in five weeks.

He will travel from the NATO summit in Watford and is due to arrive in MK at 3.45pm.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

He will travel to the premises of a 'big business' that has not been named for security reasons.

Boris visited MK on October 25, popping into the hospital and also meeting local Tory leaders in the city's two constituencies.

It is understood he is taking a special interest in Milton Keynes because the two Conservative seats were so marginal in the last election.

Sitting MPs Mark Lancaster, who is now resigning, and Iain Stewart won with majorities of less than 2,000 in 2017.

Boris is expected to meet again with local Tory members and make a speech.

A Tory spokesman said: "It will be a type of rally. Yes, this is his second visit to Milton Keynes but he likes to get out and about in the constituencies."

The Citizen will be covering the event and it is hoped we will get a chance to talk to the PM.