Spot checks found taxis that were defective and "unclean" in Milton Keynes

Police spot checks on taxis all over Milton Keynes have uncovered a string of safety breaches.

Thursday, 12th December 2019, 4:30 pm

Taxi licensing officers at MK Council joined forces with Thames Valley Police last week on a special safety operation.

A number of vehicles were stopped, of which some were sent for further checks at the council's test centre in Bleak Hall.

A string of breaches were found, including defective lights, tyre damage, missing wheel nuts and anti roll bar not connected.

The taxis have been suspended from the road

Other breaches included the lack of first aid kits and missing fire extinguishers.

Some of the taxis were also "unclean", said a council spokesman.

The offending taxis have now been suspended from operating until the defects are rectified.

Steve Hayes, MKC’s Head of Transport said: “It is so important that people have absolute confidence in the safety of licensed vehicles and this operation was designed to highlight those who do not maintain their vehicles. Licensed drivers are expected to check their vehicles prior to starting work and ones that do not will be caught and will have to deal with the consequences of suspension.”

He added: “We will continue to work with Thames Valley Police and our neighbouring local authorities to ensure the safety of the public when using licensed services. I would like to thank TVP for making their resources available for this operation.”