Supermum and TV host from Milton Keynes connecting business leaders from around the world

Single mum of five, Victoria Beale, is flying high thanks to her company which connects business leaders from around the globe.

Victoria is the founder of Milton Keynes based Business Live Global (BLG), a network catering for businesses seeking exponential growth and brand exposure.

During the coronavirus pandemic in 2021, Victoria, 45, had to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, turning her former regionalised network into a global operation.

Victoria said: “Prior to the pandemic the network, formerly Business Live, operated on a face-to-face basis at monthly events in Milton Keynes, Leicester and Nottingham.

Single mum of five, Victoria Beale, runs a company connecting business leaders from all over the world

“But when the pandemic struck I had to find ways to continue with the business, so I leveraged the 10,000 plus contacts I had and utilised the power of BLG’s social media channels along with my own personal LinkedIn which has nearly 14,000 followers, and everything just continued from there.”

BLG specialises in providing businesses with a unique, 12-month programme of commercial, lead generating events or new business development and digital campaigns to stimulate business growth.

Hubs are currently being set up in more than 60 countries and in October 2021, James Castle, chief executive of Cyber Security Global Alliance was appointed as chairman of BLG, then shareholder in 2022.

James said: “Victoria is a fabulous mum, and businesswoman and someone you instantly want to connect with. I’m very excited for the future of BLG and Victoria - who is a total inspiration."

In November, 2021, BLG launched in Kampala Uganda. Face-to-face business lunches returned this year in Nottingham, and in April BLG also sold its first franchise.

Victoria added: “My aim has always been to connect businesses of all sizes together and now we have countries which want to be involved all over the world, which is incredible. Our first ever franchise sold this year and we are now actively recruiting in regions throughout the UK.

"To have the The Institute of Directors Bucks & MK working in association with BLG for the relaunch of our Milton Keynes lunches is also fantastic.”

Victoria is also the host of her own TV show, NTV Unscripted, which is hosted by Victoria twice a month on Sky Channel 780 and involves live studio interviews with influential guests sharing news on various topics.