Caring Milton Keynes teachers sing Friends theme tune in video message to pupils

Staff at a caring primary school have recorded themselves singing 'I'll Be There For You' in an uplifting video message to all their young pupils.

Tuesday, 31st March 2020, 2:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 31st March 2020, 2:21 pm

The idea was the brainchild of Rickley Park primary school deputy head Donna Taylor-Smith, who sent a message out to all staff with the subject 'Moodlifter'.

"I explained what I proposed to do and asked them to respond to let me know whether they were up for it. The remit was 'be as silly as you can and let your personalities shine through' - and they certainly did that!" said Donna.

Almost all of the Bletchley school team make an appearance in the video, many singing with their children and families. Among the stars are executive head Mrs Saunders-Short and head Mrs Bramwell.

Is that Monica and Rachel!? Caring teachers show their fun side singing Friends theme tune in video message to pupils

"I gave each volunteer a line to record and they sent their videos in to me," said Donna. "Being a complete technophobe, it took me most of Saturday to piece together but I am so proud of the team pulling together and the finished result has certainly made us all giggle.

"We did it because as a school we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our children and families. Our children mean the world to us and it is difficult not seeing their smiley faces every morning on the gate."

Rickley Park teachers are currently making weekly phone calls so each pupils gets to speak to their class tutor.

"The clear message we were getting back from them and the parents was that they missed us," said Donna. "We miss them too and wanted to do something to show this and to hopefully put a smile on their faces in these uncertain times."

Rickley Park Primary school

The video has this week been a massive hit with the young pupils, all of whom are entering their second week of home schooling.

One parent told the Citizen: "It has been shared with all us parents to show our children. I just wanted to share on behalf of all the parents/carers and children that attend the school and show how the staff have tried to cheer us all up at this awkward time.

"Not only did they do this video, but we got a beautiful letter for the children too, which my children really appreciated.

"If the Citizen could cover this story and say a massive thank you on behalf of all the Rickley Park community, that would be great. I t really cheered up my two children, especially my son who is in Year 6."

Rickley Park school is still partly open for the children of key workers.

"We played the video for them and they absolutely loved it," said Donna.