Here is a list of Milton Keynes schools affected by Covid-19 over the second lockdown period

Here is a roundup of Milton Keynes schools affected by Covid-19

Monday, 23rd November 2020, 5:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th November 2020, 10:58 am

Long Meadow School –the school sent a letter out to parents on Monday (November 23) saying there had been a positive case within one of its year group bubbles, which was forced to close.

Charles Warren Academy –the school sent out a letter to parents on Monday (November 23) saying a Year 2 and Year 6 pupil have coronavirus. This reportedly meant both year bubbles had to close to self-isolate.

This has reportedly led to the closure of both of the students' year group bubbles

All figures have been provided by MK Council

The following figures were provided by Milton Keynes Council (MKC) on Monday (November 23):

The Hazeley Academy –one member of staff and five Year 12 pupils have tested positive. 189 students are currently isolating.

Portfields Primary School – one member of staff has tested positive. 53 pupils are currently isolating.

Emerson Valley Junior – one Year 5 student has tested positive. 119 pupils are currently isolating.

Two Mile Ash School – one Year 5 pupil has tested positive. 84 pupils are currently isolating.

Stantonbury International School - one Year 7 pupil has tested positive.12 pupils are currently isolating.

Sir Herbert Leon Academy – two members of staff and one Year 7 pupil have tested positive. 17 students are currently isolating.

Olney Middle School – one Year 5 pupil has tested positive. 66 students are currently isolating.

Tickford Park Primary School – zero positive cases. 62 pupils are currently isolating.

Haversham Village School – zero positive cases.15 pupils are currently isolating.

Loughton School – one Year 6 pupil has tested positive. 29 students are currently isolating.

The following figures were provided by the council on Friday (November 20):

The Radcliffe School – three staff and 11 pupils have tested positive. 821 pupils are currently isolating with the majority due to return this week. This school currently, as of Monday (November 23), has only one year group in attendance due to Covid-19.

Wyvern School – one staff member tested positive. 50 pupils are currently isolating and are set to return at some point this week.

Walton High – one pupil has tested positive. No further pupils are isolating.

Ousedale Newport Pagnell campus – two pupils have tested positive. 29 pupils are currently isolating, they are set to return this week.

The following figures were provided by MKC on Wednesday (November 18):

Bishop Parker School – one staff tested positive. No pupils impacted.

St Paul’s Catholic School – 17 pupils and 12 staff tested positive. 464 pupils were isolating but the school has now closed for a week between Monday (November 23) and Friday (November 27) due to staff shortages.

MK Academy – 1Y8 pupil and 1Y11 pupil tested positive | 30 Y11 pupils currently isolating

New Bradwell School – one Year 1 pupil and one member of staff tested positive. One pupil was isolating.

The following figures were provided by MKC on Friday, November 13:

Shenley Brook End School – two Year 11 pupils and two staff tested positive.116 people were isolating.

Denbigh High School – one Year 8 pupil and two staff tested positive. 88 were forced to isolate.

Oakgrove Secondary School – one staff member and five pupils (various year groups) tested positive. 115 were forced to isolate.