Milton Keynes schoolgirl, 11, beats Einstein on IQ test

Middleton Primary School pupil Moksha Sunkara scored a perfect IQ score of 162 in the British Mensa test, achieved by just one per cent of entrants.

By Harry Cheesewright
Thursday, 11th July 2019, 11:45 am
Moksha Sunkara with her IQ certificate
Moksha Sunkara with her IQ certificate

And the 11-year-old prodigy from Brooklands can now boast to have a higher IQ than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, who are both believed to have had an IQ of 160.

Proud mum Bhargavi Kaushik, 36, said: "We are really proud of her achievement and our daughter is absolutely over the moon after getting that score.

"We knew Moksha was a bright kid but it was a score we never expected her achieve as she didn't prepare much for the test at all."

Moksha Sunkara with her IQ certificate

The British Mensa test measures the verbal reasoning ability, learning agility, ability to take on new information and deal with ambiguity and complexity.

But despite her remarkable IQ score Moksha has been denied a place at her preferred high school Buckinghamshire Grammar due to postcode catchment.

"She did really with her grammar school entrance test by scoring 145, but unfortunately they couldn't offer Moksha a place on the basis of catchment which is disappointing," her mum said.

"You should give a place on academic merit."

Moksha has a higher IQ than Albert Einstein

The youngster, who has read the Harry Potter series more than ten times, already has high aspirations for the future.

Her mum added: "She hasn't completely made her mind up yet but she wants to go to a really good university like Oxford or Cambridge and make it big."