Milton Keynes teenager who survived years of hell at the hands of bullies takes a big stand

The teen has launched a charity to help victims beat and survive bullying torment

By Olga Norford
Friday, 8th October 2021, 5:24 pm
Updated Friday, 8th October 2021, 6:00 pm

A teenager who survived years of hell at the hands of school bullies is spearheading a charity to help other victims of bullying.

Adam Rixon,17, suffered five years of relentless torment with bullies subjecting him to endless abuse including name calling, beatings and physical attacks and threats.

He suffered isolation, misery and endless nightmares but now wants to help others who have experienced the pain and mental anguish of bullying by setting up an anti bullying, not for profit charity IsayNo2Bullying.

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The charity offers help and support backed by an Instagram page and TikTok profile which has 500 followers.

Said Adam: "I don't want this to be a complaint. I left school in March 2020 and I was bullied every day but count myself a survivor. I've come out of it but want to use my experience to help other victims of bullying so started up IsayNo2Bullying in January this year.

"IsayNo2Bullying is for anybody who is being bullied, has been bullied or knows of someone being bullied and wants to help. It offers support with educational videos and advice in layman's terms backed by our social media platforms. There's a lot of love on there. It's heartwarming and all positive and the feedback has been great."

Adam, who lives in Wolverton, is now a student at Milton Keynes College and is working hard to pursue his dream of becoming a paediatric nurse.

The ISayNo2Bullying campaign is backed by an Instagram page and TikTok profile

Adam believes more should be done to support victims at school. He says he suffered on a daily basis and although it was reported to the school by his parents nothing changed

He said: "Mum had meetings with school and they said they offered support, but they didn't. The bullying never stopped. I could cope with the name calling and banter. But there's one level of banter that's funny and at the other extreme banter which is unbearable.

"It was absolutely dreadful. I think I was bullied because I've always wanted to learn so was singled out.

"I remember someone putting a bag over my head and trying to suffocate me. The teachers just thought it was a joke. On another occasion I was locked in a cage, had a bucket of blue ink thrown over me and was subjected to ' Papa Smurf' jibes online.

"I was eventually diagnosed with PTSD and suffered nightmares and when I didn't have nightmares I lay awake worrying.

"I suffered and never took time off school. But the worst thing about it was that I thought it was normal and that's what I regret."

For further information visit the website.