Police target bad parking outside school in Milton Keynes

Police officers launched a special exercise today to tackle bad parking outside a city primary school.

Thursday, 28th November 2019, 4:44 pm
Two parking tickets were issued

The Loughton Park neighbourhood team went out alongside Saba Enforcement Officers to Christ the Sower School in Grange Farm at pick up time.

As a result, two cars have received penalty notices due to parking on double yellow lines and parking on a keep clear zone.

Police published details of the initiative on Twitter and it has led to a string of comments from members of the public – begging them to come to their children's schools.

These include Moorland Primary on Beanhill, where parking was described as “awful and dangerous”, and Oldbrook First School, where it is claimed people park their cars near the school for the whole day while they go to work in nearby Central Milton Keynes.

Police were also urged to come to Jubilee Wood school on Fishermead, where parents say there was almost a fight recently over parking.

“Last week we all saw saw parents arguing, slamming doors and almost getting physical. It's poor that the children see this,” posted one member of the public.

Other parents are complaining about parking problems at Great Linford school and Portfields Primary in Newport Pagnell.