Primary school pupils compete in first ever Milton Keynes Bikeability Olympics

Fifty children aged 9-11 will be showing off their cycling skills in Milton Keynes’ first ever Bikeability Olympics competition.

The event, which has been organised to celebrate Milton Keynes as a cycling city, will feature an Obstacle Course, Relay Race, Slow Race and Road


It’s also the culmination of a year in which 4,000 pupils have been trained to achieve Bikeability levels 1 and 2 in 40 primary schools.

The money would be spent on improving life in Milton Keynes

Councillor Zoe Nolan, who will be presenting the medals as Cabinet Member for Children & Families, said: “I love my bike and cycling is great for MK’s children and families.

"It’s good for your health and can save money as well as saving the environment. It’s impressive that we have so many young people cycling safely to school. MK Council is proud to have the ambitious goal of becoming the UK’s leading city for cycling infrastructure”.

Teacher Luke Bartishel, of Orchard Academy Primary School, added: “Our school has purchased enough bicycles for all our pupils to do Bikeability training. This Bikeability Olympics event is a brilliant opportunity for them to show off the skills they’ve learned from the course.”

The project also has the support of numerous other groups including:

The Milton Keynes Bikeability Olympics are being held today (July 7) as a way of celebrating MK as a cycling city

Bikeability Instructor Nicky Newlands, said: “It’s wonderful to see how much the cyclists have improved and now competing together. I hope to see many more next year, please talk to your school.”

Daniel Mullins, Operations Director of Ringway Infrastructure Services, commented: “This is a fantastic event and we’re delighted to be supporting the event by lending some traffic management equipment to help mark out the various contest areas and help the children to cycle safely while competing.”

Jo Lewington, Chief Environment and Sustainability Officer of Network Rail, said: “We are always looking for new ways to promote sustainability. We’re delighted to have Network Rail staff playing their part as volunteer marshals at the Bikeability Olympics event.”

“Cycle Saviours is proud to have our teenage trainees involved in supporting this event, helping younger children enjoy the fresh air and exercise,” Martin Swift of Cycle Saviours.

Bikeability Olympics take place at Sports Central, MK9 1EN, today, Thursday, July 7, 4-6pm. Visit

There will also be a City Status Celebration cycle ride through CMK on Thursday, July 14, from 6pm-6.30pm, following the Mayor’s Cycling Awards for 2021-22.