Charity delivers thousands of meals during its 100 days of continuous Covid-19 support in Milton Keynes

Members of a charity set up to practice the teachings of an Indian Saint have delivered thousands of home-cooked meals and food hampers to vulnerable people during lockdown.

By Sally Murrer
Thursday, 25th June 2020, 2:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th June 2020, 7:46 pm

Dreamsai volunteers started their support programme in the middle of March, vowing to help vulnerable, elderly and isolated people all over MK.

Since then they have delivered 1,500 essential hampers containing a total of 60,000 food items . They have also distributed 2,040 home-cooked meals and more than 4,000 items of PPE.

A charity spokesman said: "Since the launch, Dreamsai food hampers have had a profound effect on the self-isolating elderly in MK who opened their doors to receive them. Our wonderful guests are from across MK from Stony Stratford to Bletchley, Broughton and Tattenhoe. One common thing is they are all lovely people who needed support due to the challenges of the pandemic."

He added: "This week our team delivered our 1500th hamper. With each hamper containing 40 items, the total is 60,000 items – similar to the whole stock in a convenience store. They included 4000 pints of milk, 6000 fruits, 1000kg rice, 1000kg pasta,1500 loaves of bread, 15,000 tinned items, cereals, toilet rolls, biscuits, and other essential foods"

"Here the food was wrapped with love into hampers and delivered by the caring volunteers, who also stopped (at a safe distance) to inquire about the well-being of the self-isolating guests. We realized that this was often the only time of the week during lockdown when the elderly saw another person."

As lockdown was eased and more people started visiting public places, the Dreamsai team amassed PPE items to give to black and ethnic minority communities identified as higher risk of catching coronavirus. They have now distributed 4,520 facemasks, gloves and hand sanitsers.

This is all on top of their weekly project to support homeless people in MK.

Dreamsai hampers

The spokesman said:"Our Food for SAI project operates every weekend of the year to serve home cooked meal to guests who are homeless or in temporary accommodations. This continued during COVID lockdown, delivering 500 meals every month.

"These meals are not made in commercial establishments but by members of the community, who cook them with the utmost love.. Since lockdown, the project delivered 2040 meals to homeless guests sheltered in temporary accommodation in Central Milton Keynes and across the city."

Dreamsai MK also organises regular sessions to encourage people from the Indian community to help the NHS by becoming blood donors.

"We have successfully run the blood donation drives in the past in association NHS Blood and transplant services. It is more important to encourage the community and raise awareness that donors can still donate blood. Our next camp is on Thursday September 10.

1,500 hampers have been delivered in MK

The charity is based on the teachings of Saint Saibaba, who devoted his life to the service of people.

The spokesman said: "His legacy still inspires millions, and Milton Keynes Dreamsai was established to honour him with many charity projects that benefit the local community. Our dream is to practice the teachings of Sai, which include charity , humanity and the moral code of love - hence the name Dreamsai.

"We serve anyone and everyone, irrespective of the color, creed, or faith of the person in need. All are welcome to join our wonderful team."

60,000 products were amassed