‘Clap for the NHS? Never again, after the way they treated dad who caught covid and died in Milton Keynes hospital’

A grieving family are blaming delays in hospital treatment for the death from Covid-19 of their beloved 89-year-old father.

By David Tooley, local democracy reporter
Friday, 21st May 2021, 4:22 pm

While William Garrad of Great Holm, was in Milton Keynes Hospital waiting for an operation to remove gallstones, he caught Covid-19 and it was noted as the primary cause of his death.

“If the operation had been done he would have been back home and safe in the shielded bubble we had created for him,” said daughter Keeley East, of Walnut Tree. “We had kept him shielded at his home for a year.”

Mrs East and her siblings are considering what to do next because they also allege that Mr Garrad’s standard of care, and communication with the hospital was poor.

Mr Garrad

Mr Garrad could not speak to express his wishes, and relied on his family to do it for him.

“He was left in a room on his own, with his catheter inserted and they wouldn’t even move him to a window,” said Mrs East.

Mr Garrad had only the day before received his second Covid vaccination when he had to be rushed in pain to the hospital on February 26.

“I said I loved him, that I would see him as soon as I can, and told him to get better,” said Mrs East.

Mr Garrad with his wife of 58 years, Eileen, who died in 2012

“He should have had the treatment and have been out of there but there was one issue after the other,” she added.

“Caring went out of the window when my dad was concerned.

“I was one of the people who went out banging saucepans on a Thursday evening. But would I do it now? No. I wouldn’t even give them a pay rise.”

Mrs East intends to file an official complaint before deciding whether to involve a solicitor.

Soulmates: Mr and Mrs Garrad. She died in 2012

A spokesperson for Milton Keynes University Hospital said they are “very sorry to hear of the distress caused to the patient’s family by the issues they describe.

“Our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) have previously been in contact with them to discuss the issues raised and have provided information on the next steps that can be taken to address their concerns if they are unhappy with the actions we have taken so far.”

The hospital is also investigating all cases where it is possible that a patient acquired Covid-19 in its care and then died and providing them with additional information.

“The hospital has been taking a wide range of measures over the last year in order to reduce the potential for transmission of covid within the hospital environment, including: masks in all areas of the hospital; social distancing; PPE; segregation of patients according to their clinical presentation; staff testing and vaccination.

Mr Garrad in his younger days

“Along with the rest of society, we have learnt more about the virus over time and the tools we have to counter it have developed.

“Against this background, we remain committed to learning from local and national experience with a view to improving outcomes for patients going forward.”