Vaccination centre shuts at Milton Keynes Hospital after administering 30,000 jabs

Milton Keynes Hospital announced it is no longer administering vaccines protecting against the Coronavirus.

By James Lowson
Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 5:23 pm

Over the past four months the vaccination centre has provided first and second doses of jabs protecting people against Covid.

It has reached 30,000 vaccinations in total before bowing out. That number represents a substantial percentage of the jabs administered, the latest data from the NHS shows just over 500,000 have been delivered in Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group. Milton Keynes' (CCG) also covers Bedfordshire and Luton, but individual first dose figures showed 114,114 have been given in MK.

A hospital spokesperson assured staff who still needed to be vaccinated they would be contacted by email.

Milton Keynes University Hospital closed its vaccination centre

In Milton Keynes over 45s were the most recent group to be invited to book vaccination appointments. Over 90% of over 50s have received a first dose protecting themselves against the Coronavirus

Other vaccination hubs are actively jabbing throughout the borough, the biggest one being at Saxon Court. Although, that mass vaccination hub, did temporarily run short of first doses in late March.

Milton Keynes' CCG announced its focus for this month was on delivering second doses to more vulnerable priority groups last week.