'Cosmetic surgery left me with a wonky nose' claims author complaining about private Milton Keynes clinic

An author and TV personality who paid an MK clinic £6,000 for a nose job has accused them of ruining his good looks.

Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 4:50 pm
Bryn with buddy Lia Appleton

Bryn Curt James Hammond claims he has been left with a “wonky” nose that is skewed to side and sports a bony lump near the bridge.

But when he went back to Transform Clinic to complain, he claims a member of staff called him a “bimbo” after she thought she had put the phone down.

“I am in such a state. I just don't know what to do. I start filming for a new television show in December but my nose looks terrible,” he said.

Bryn, 35, has written five successful true crime books, including A Case for Murder: Brittany Murphy Files, and is also a pop music critic.

He decided to have rhinoplasty surgery after visiting America last year..

I was flown to NYC to film for the ID channel and it was suggested I should think about having my nose made smaller for more work in America,” he said.

“I am in an industry where youth and looks are important and to sell anything today you need to fit into a box and I saw the nose job as ‘a lick of paint on an old house’.“

He booked through Transform's clinic in South Row, Central Milton Keynes.

“I had seen two other plastic surgeons at different clinics, who refused to amend my nose as they said that could not improve or amend a nose that didn’t need amending,” he admits.

The surgery was carried out on November 12 at a private hospital in Hatfield.

“I thought Transform had their own place, but it appears they rent a room at this hospital,” said Bryn.

He was “thrilled” with his new nose at first and even Tweeted about his delight. But this week things suddenly started to deteriorate, he said.

“On Sunday I felt a huge pressure on the left side of my nose and as the day went on the pressure got worse, and by 6pm a lump had appeared on the bridge of my nose.

In the early hours of the morning, Bryn's nose started bleeding badly and he went to A&E.

“I saw a nurse, who rushed me in. They were amazing, even offering me a private room. But they had no doctor available for a few hours. The nurse said the doctor would only tell me to return to Transform as they organised the operation and were responsible for all aftercare.”

Yesterday (Monday) Bryn contacted Transform to ask for an urgent appointment with his surgeon.

"They were not helpful. Basically the lady I spoke to said 'don’t call us, we'll call you'. She then thought she had hung up and I heard her say to her colleagues that I was a bimbo. I couldn't believe it!"

“This was extremely upsetting... £6,000 plus for a nose adjustment and aftercare. There's no aftercare at all, and I am nothing but a cash cow joke. I’m horrified at being made a joke of, and if an obstruction and a slanted nose is funny the person who thought she hung up on me should not be in this profession."

The Citizen contacted Transform clinic yesterday afternoon. Shortly afterwards the clinic contact Bryn and arranged an appointment with his surgeon for Wednesday next week.

Last night the clinic brought the appointment forward to today.

Bryn's friend is former Big Brother contestant Lisa Appleton, who called the Citizen to say how upset he was.

“There is pressure to look good in this industry. I've had loads of work done but never seen anything like this. Poor Bryn is in a terrible state,” she said.

“We start filming together next month for a new show called Pop Culture Pulse. He doesn't want to be filmed with a slanted nose.”

A Transform spokesman has responded to the claims today.

The spokesman said: “Transform is committed to delivering the highest quality of care before, during and after a patient's treatment.

"We launched an immediate investigation and are confident that Transform's staff have acted entirely appropriately in all their interactions with Mr. Hammond, and have responded to his post-operative concerns with responsibility and care."