Figures show everyone in their 70s in Milton Keynes have been vaccinated against Covid

The latest data from NHS England shows all septuagenarians have been jabbed once in the city.

Friday, 19th March 2021, 10:03 am
Updated Friday, 19th March 2021, 10:04 am

NHS England's weekly update displays a 100% marker for first doses administered to people in Milton Keynes aged between 70-79.

The total cumulative numbers of vaccines administered in Milton Keynes protecting against the Coronavirus, now stands at 95,400.

The data released yesterday (March 18), is accurate up to March 14.

NHS England data shows all Milton Keynes residents have received the first doses of a vaccine protecting against Covid.

The latest figures show 18,430 Milton Keynes residents in their 70s have been vaccinated.

First doses have been given to 92.8% of the 65-69 age group and 80.8% of 60-64s in Milton Keynes.

The percentage drops to 41.8% for people between the age of 55-59 in the borough.

With a 'significant reduction' in vaccine availability likely to affect the next age group's ability to be jabbed next month, currently in Milton Keynes 28,500 people under 55 had their first dose.

The latest figures show 3,485 people aged under 55 in MK have received their second doses and 5,970 above 55 have too.

Across the UK 25,735,472 first doses have been administered, 1,879,054 people have received second jabs.