Milton Keynes' streak of low Coronavirus case figures continues

Once again a small amount of new Covid case numbers were confirmed today.

Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 4:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 4:22 pm

Milton Keynes remains tantalisingly close to announcing a day without new Covid cases.

Today's update (May 5), from the government, shows three more positive tests were returned within the borough in the past 24 hours. This data means Milton Keynes is approaching a week's worth of statistics where new case numbers don't rise above five cases per day.

No-one was reported as dead in Milton Keynes within 28 days of returning a positive Coronavirus case. It has been over a month since a death of this kind was recorded in Milton Keynes. The borough's Covid death toll still stands at 463.

Three new Coronavirus cases were confirmed in Milton Keynes on May 5

Milton Keynes' Covid infection rate remains below the national average, it stands at 18.2 cases per 100,000 people. The UK's current infection rate is 22.3 cases per 100,000.

Daily figures for the UK showed that 2,144 new positive cases were confirmed and 27 deaths related to the virus were recorded. The latest vaccination statistics released by the government show 34,795,074 people received their first dose of a vaccine protecting themselves against Covid. Across the UK, 15,887,493 people have been given two doses, according to statistics accurate up to May 4.