New Covid case numbers increase in Milton Keynes again

For the second straight day figures have increased across the borough.

Friday, 25th June 2021, 4:32 pm

In the past 24 hours another 40 Covid cases have been confirmed in Milton Keynes

Today's (June 25) total, is another uptick in case numbers for the borough, yesterday 30 new positive tests were returned.

No Covid-linked deaths were reported, these are instances where someone passes within 24 hours of returning a positive test. No new hospital admissions were confirmed at Milton Keynes Hospital, after four new infected patients were announced yesterday.

40 new Covid cases were confirmed in Milton Keynes on June 25

Public Health England has confirmed a further 1,650 first dose vaccinations were delivered in Milton Keynes and 927 second dose jabs were received too.

The figures for Milton Keynes remain more stable than other parts of the UK. In the last seven days 203 cases have been confirmed, a 9.7% increase from the period before, the UK as a whole has seen a 47.9% rise in confirmed positive tests.

Across the UK a further 15,810 cases were confirmed today and 18 virus-linked deaths were recorded.

The latest rollout information shows that 83.3% of over 18s have received their first jab and 60.9% of adults are fully vaccinated in the UK.