Over 65% of 40-44-year-olds vaccinated against Covid in Milton Keynes' region

Data released by the NHS shows the number of vaccines that were administered in Milton Keynes over a seven-day period.

Data released today (May 13), shows 68.8% of 40-44-year-olds have been jabbed in Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

This strong percentage explains why, 38 and 39-year-olds across the UK are now being invited to book appointments for vaccinations protecting against the Coronavirus.

The 68.8% figure of people jabbed between 40 and 44 represents the Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (BLMK CCG).

189,811 vaccines have been delivered in Milton Keynes

Launched today, people aged over 40 in the BLMK CCG can be vaccinated without an appointment at four different vaccination centres. This no-booking system will run from four different sites, at staggered times.

In Milton Keynes people aged over 40, and those younger who have already been invited to be jabbed as part of another priority group, can be vaccinated using a drop-in system. The system will be implemented in Milton Keynes from May 18 until May 20. These drop-in vaccinations are only available at the mass centre on Saxon Court between 08:30 until 12:30 on those three dates.

NHS officials want Milton Keynes residents who have already organised a vaccination to stick to their original booking, rather than turning up at Saxon Court unannounced.

The NHS' statistics also showed an extra 10,986 vaccines were administered in Milton Keynes since last week's findings. The borough is even closer to reaching 200,000 vaccines delivered since the rollout started in December, currently 189,811 jabs have been given.

This shows a slight downward trend in the number of vaccines being rolled out in Milton Keynes on a weekly basis, seeing as over 11,000 new doses were delilvered in the previous seven days.

Most of the vaccines administered recently were second dose jabs, another 7,499 were completed in Milton Keynes. In total, 57,777 second doses of a vaccine protecting against Covid have been given in the borough.

Across the entire BLMK CCG, 683,011 total cumulative vaccines have been delivered. The data released today is accurate up to May 9.