Popular Milton Keynes Indian takeaway 'could have put customers at risk of food poisoning'

A popular Indian takeaway restaurant could have been putting customers at risk of food poisoning, say hygiene inspectors in Milton Keynes.

Monday, 23rd September 2019, 5:45 pm
Dial A Curry MK

An Indian takeaway that delivers to homes all over Milton Keynes could have been putting customers at risk of food poisoning, a food hygiene inspection report has revealed.

Dial A Curry at Summerson Court on Bleak Hall found to have "excessive amounts of cooked meat and rice" kept out of the fridge and on worktops waiting for customer orders, states the report, which was compiled by the council's environmental health inspectors.

It adds: "These types of food are high risk and should be stored below 8°C. Keeping these items above 8°C could lead to the growth of food poisoning organisms and a risk to your customers.”

Dial A Curry MK

The establishment was also criticised for having chopping boards that were "visibly not clean" stored in a rack that was “covered in a layer of grease and dust”.

There was no anti-bacterial chemical or sanitiser on site at the time of the inspection, and both chest freezers in the kitchen were dirty with grease and food debris and "did not appear to have been properly cleaned for some time", said the report.

It described the bulk storage containers of spices in a store room as “very dirty” and highlighted an area of the wall behind the equipment wash sink that was starting to crumble and "shed dust into the kitchen."

Cleaning chemicals were stored under central work surfaces in the kitchen next to partially covered naan bread dough, posing a risk of chemical contamination.

Food hygiene rating 1

Meanwhile, all the cooked food in the large upright freezers was stored in open containers with no lids or covering, and the temperature probe used to check the temperature of food while cooking was broken.

The inspection, which took place in January, resulted in a one star rating. This means Dial A Curry was in need of "urgent" improvement work.

The Citizen called Dial A Curry and spoke to a man who said he was part of a team carrying out improvements for a relaunch of the business.

"We are doing lots of work here. The place will be perfect now. I will get the owner to call you," he said last week.

The owner has not called at the time of writing.