Number of registered patients: 22,492Number of registered patients: 22,492
Number of registered patients: 22,492

These are the Milton Keynes GP practices with the highest number of registered patients

Despite our best efforts at calling at 8am sharp, most of us will be familiar with the sound of our GP’s busy or engaged phone line

Most people have struggled to get a GP appointment at some time or another.

There are currently more than 8,000 GP practices across the UK, and analysis by the JPIMedia Data Unit has found the average GP practice size in England is over 9,000.

In Northern Ireland and Scotland, the average practice size is over 6,000. The figures were correct as of November 2020.

But how does Milton Keynes compare?

There are currently 25 GP practices in NHS Milton Keynes CCG. Below we reveal the top 10 GP surgeries with the greatest number of patients registered in Milton Keynes.

Does your local GP make the cut?