13 million views can’t be wrong


They have harnessed the best of raw, blues guitar and expansive, heart pounding beat-boxing and arrived at a formula so enticing it has accumulated a staggering 13 million views on their own YouTube channel.

Now, Heymoonshaker are bringing their Beatbox Blues to the locality - with a date this Sunday at The Watershed in Newport Pagnell.

Andy Balcon and Dave Crowe have walked their own line (armed with their custom made suitcase, fitted with car speakers and battery), and they take their camera to record their street performances, which have resulted in those phenomenal viewing figures.

They are more than a little bit good, these guys, as some of you might have heard with last month’s release of Shakerism, a digital eight-track release containing songs from their debut album, alongside some unreleased material.

“The EP is the amalgamation of our progression; we began with acoustic, moved to electric, and through this evolution the beats used became heavier and more expressive,” Andy explained.

“...through these pieces we want to instil a sense of power in people, we want them to understand who we are and that we feel free, and we think everyone has that choice, but we are often directed away from it because of how life is ruled,” Dave added.

Heymoonshaker are an exciting proposition waiting for you to discover them - go online now, and go to The Watershed on Sunday...you’ll be ever so glad you did.