4DX: It’s e-motion-al!

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A multi-sensory, breathtaking experience was promised, and so it proved to be, writes Sammy Jones.

Last week, GO! visited Cineworld MK for the first UK 4DX movie experience.
Hands up if you can remember when 3D was cool?

When the arrival of those paper glasses with their green and red crinkly plastic lenses were the height of movie watching?

It’s safe to say things have moved on plenty since those times. And things are getting better all the time.

With 4DX, the action doesn’t come from the screen to you, instead you set foot into the action, or so it feels.

The high-tech – and incredibly comfortable – motion seats are supplemented by 15 special effects in all, which work in perfect synchronicity with the movie.

So, the lights went down, the screen came alive and...hold on to your popcorn, folks, it’s an a-motion-al affair!

A lively in-chair work out ensued – part roller-coaster, part vigorous massage chair, with lots of extras!

Kingsman: Secret Service was the film on the screen, and when star Colin Firth threw punches, we felt them.

When explosions went off, we smelled them and every now and then we got poked in the back too.

There is a lot of rocking and rolling to be had with 4DX – we are blasted with wind, sprayed by water and witness the room fill with bubbles.

The 140 seater auditorium took more than five months to complete, and the screen is a beast – measuring 5.8m x 10.5m – that’s bigger than a double decker bus.

It’ll be intriguing to see quite how some of our future movies fare in 4DX though – 50 Shades of Grey, perhaps?

The mind boggles!

I’ve witnessed (and felt) the future of cinema, and it’s Cinemagic.

Experience 4DX for yourselves: visit www.cineworld.com/MiltonKeynes