A story about survival, hope, family and post-liberation...

Unravelled: A new book release
Unravelled: A new book release

Anna Scanlon is originally from San Francisco’s Bay Area, but having spent time inhabiting New York, Budapest, Grenoble and Amsterdam, she is now ensconced in new city life, here in Milton Keynes.

She also lectures on the Holocaust, and her newly issued novel, Unravelled is set during those disturbing times.

Aliz and her twin sister Hajna are enjoying their carefree, comfortable life with their parents in Hungary, when the Nazis invade and everything changes.

They are transported to a ghetto on the outskirts of the city, and then to Auschwitz to be used in Mengele’s deadly experiments.

Brutal torture becomes the norm, but after several months she is liberated, the only survivor of her family, and not even 11 years old.

Unravelled is a story about survival, hope, family, and the lives war and genocity haunt long after liberation....

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UNRAVELLED: ‘A story about survival...’