An open and shutter case

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Work by Wolverton resident Nick Kenny is being hosted at Stantonbury Campus gallery this month.

Explaining the passion for his photography, Nick said: “I photograph, perhaps, to document the every day.

“Life is so fast it seems and looking at photographs gives me time to reflect and make sense of what has gone before.

“I want to steal the insignificant moments of the day to day and make them seem more than they are.

“I often go back repeatedly to favourite places and photograph the same image again and again.

I have also noticed that I tend to photograph the back of people, rarely their faces, as if they themselves are looking at the photograph too.”

Spaces in Wolverton often figure in his work, so too his children: “...they are the most important part of my life that I want to document and look at,” Nick said.

“My photography is a personal journey for myself, like a painter needs to paint, I need to take pictures.”

The show begins on Monday, and is available to view through to October 4.

Admission is free.