Andy’s pedigree factor

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The man Stephen Fry refers to as ‘the finest British broadcaster bar none’ is in Milton Keynes on Friday night.

Andy Kershaw is bringing his one-man show ‘The Adventures Of...’ to the Orchard School in Springfield with an audio presentation and natter about his life, career, adventures and experiences so far, in radio and television, live music, travels to extreme countries and foreign correspondence.

Andy has the pedigree factor and a career that has been truly fascinating, and if you let him, he’ll share the details with you – from how he worked for the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen, shared an office with John Peel and has a record collection that weighs in at more than seven tons.

Andy has visited close to one hundred countries and reported from Iraq, Sierra Leone and North Korea.

He was also one of the few journalists to witness the Rwanda genocide.

Oh, and he’s won more Sony Radio awards than any other broadcaster, although you are already starting to understand why after that briefest of profiles, surely?

One day he was Billy Bragg’s driver and roadie, and the next, presenting Live Aid.

All the aforementioned escapades are explained in his recently issued page-turner No Off Switch, which is flying high on Amazon.

Andy will be scribbling his name on copies post show for you.

Tickets to the event are available through or by calling MK 672077.