Bad boys of abridgement arrive in Stantonbury

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The Reduced Shakespeare Company presents The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged) this Friday evening.

This show is an affectionate, irreverent rollercoaster ride from fig leaves to Final Judgement, as the trio of chappies tackle theological questions such as ‘ Did Adam and Eve have navels?’ ‘Did Moses really look like Charlton Heston? And why isn’t the word ‘phonetic’ spelled the way in sounds?

This romp through old time religion will tickle you, whether you are Catholic or Atheist, Muslim or Jew, Protestant or Jedi.

And these ‘bad boys of abridgement’ have certainly had practice enough – they have been taking long, serious subjects and reducing them to short, sharp comedies for more than three decades.

Popular? Oh aye.

At one point the RSC had more shows running in the West End than Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Stantonbury Theatre is the venue, show time is 7.30pm, tickets are £16.

Call MK 324466 for yours.