Banding together in memory of Fay

Roses & Pirates
Roses & Pirates

Six months on from the devastating loss of their bandmate, Roses & Pirates are set to pay tribute in the best way they know how – through music.

Drummer Fay Howell passed away in March from sudden adult death syndrome. She was 25 years old.

Now the remaining members of the folk-rock group are releasing the single, Fay’s song.

“It was her song, we wrote it together, but the lyrics came from a sour break-up she’d had,” says vocalist Rosie Thurston.

“We performed it for the first time as the last song of our set on March 1, which was Fay’s last ever gig with us.

“It was sign the song was meant to happen.”

The B-side of the single is called Lost Treasure, a track written in memory of their former bandmate.

“The single is purely for Fay’s family, friends and fans of the band that want to celebrate her music,” Rosie added.

“It’s our tribute to Fay, one of our best friends, a sister, and the best female drummer we could ever dream of making music with.”

>The single will be available on iTunes and download sites from September 1.