Ben Westlake Ensemble have weekend show in MK

Ben Westlake: 'A special mini Chopin recital'
Ben Westlake: 'A special mini Chopin recital'

GO! has been fortunate enough to write plenty of stories of success from the Milton Keynes music fraternity in 2013.

Urban ace Zaheer has spread his wings far and wide, Anti-Vigilante have picked up some juicy touring slots, TesseracT released a new album to acclaim and are currently touring stateside, while Heart of a Coward inked a record deal and are currently preparing the release of their second album.

But in the classical market too, our musicians are excelling, and none moreso than Ben Westlake.

And the clever clarinettist with the rather impressive reputation is back playing on local soil this Saturday evening.

His Westlake Ensemble have a concert arranged at Shenley Wood Retirement Village.

Joining Ben once again in music making is Sar Cubarsi Fernandez, the terrifically talented violinist, and together with perfect pianist Tyler Hay the trio will tempt ears with a solid selection of the senational.

Music by composers including Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Kachataurian, Messager and Milhaud will be aired during the evening.

“I believe that it is important to bring classical music to community venues and we have chosen a programme which we think everyone will enjoy hugely,” Ben told GO!

“The concert includes music by the greatest classical composers of all time including the three Bs, Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.

“There is also a special mini Chopin recital.

“The Trio music has a Cat theme which I will explain on the night!” Ben promised.

The concert is open to all and tickets are £6 each.

Call MK 786028 for yours, or drop an email to