Bennett’s brilliance shows itself again in new delivery, People

Alan Bennett's comedy People - Heading to Milton Keynes
Alan Bennett's comedy People - Heading to Milton Keynes

Alan Bennett’s highly acclaimed new comedy People has already enjoyed a smash hit at The National Theatre, and now it’s our turn to revel in the latest star-turn from the master writer.

This is the story of two sisters and the battle against handing over their country pile to The National Trust (because that would mean allowing people to traipse through their much-loved, but higgledy-piggledy pile).

To give you some idea of just how off-kilter things are,the park is a jungle, and there is a bath on the billiard table...

The work has been described as outrageously funny and provocative, and those of us yearning for a piece of perfectly executed drama theatre, will have come to the right place if we pop to Milton Keynes Theatre to catch the show– with us from Tuesday until Saturday, November 2.

Her archdeacon sister wants to hand the estate the the care of the National Trust, but not Dorothy – and she might just have found a far more creative solution to their woes!

Bennett has once again reunited with Nicholas Hynter for People, following their terrifically successful stints working together on The History Boys and The Habit of Art.

Bennett made plenty of visits to rehearsals too, but then watching Oliver Award-nominee Sian Phillips and Bridgit Forsyth among a terrific cast must have made it easy.

He says he made the visits to get out of the house!

“When you’re a writer you spend most of the time stuck at home staring out of the window,” he said.

“Siân Phillips is a very strong personality but she’s also very elegant.

“She’s astonishing to look at. She will be a very statuesque figure.”

Step out of your pile, and go observe Dorothy and Iris doing battle in theirs!

Performances are nightly at 7.30pm, with additional matinees at 2.30pm on the Thursday and Saturday.

To book tickets, call 0844 871 7652 or pay a visit webside: