Biohazard’s tales from the hard side


Biohazard have had record company wrangles, line-up changes and a whole heap of highs and lows, but though the Brooklyn bunch might carry the scars of their 25 year-long career (yep, scarily it is that long), and the line-up has suffered casualties over the years, the band is still busting out their angsty, meaty-beat noise...and on Saturday make their return to Milton Keynes.

The quartet, who achieved major success with their second album Urban Discipline in 1992, have plenty of set-list choices; with 10 albums from which to pluck.

But it was Urban Discipline which contained the uber-catchy single Punishment, and shifted more than a million copies which assured their name was known all over.

Their third studio opus State of the World address also did the business – with the equally enticing How It Is making the playlists.

Bt right now let’s stop with the history lesson and instead look to the gig at the weekend.

Fans will be pleased to learn that Biohazard are now back to basics – and that with the exception of Evan Seinfeld – all founder members are on-board for this stint: Guitarists Billy Graziadei and Bobby Hambel and drummer Danny Schuler are joined by Seinfeld’s replacement Scott Roberts on bass.

A new album is also slated for 2014; shout loud enough at The Craufurd Arms and maybe the band will cut a couple of new numbers loose.

Support is coming from ‘Italian alternative metal hardcore’ merchants Arhythmia and Northern heavies The Departed.

Tickets are £14 in advance, a little more on the doors, which open at 7pm.

> Also on the Craufurd menu this week, are Baby Godzilla who play tomorrow night, and Orange who will entertain in the bar on Saturday night, while the aforementioned Brooklyn boys take the helm in the main room.

Admission to these shows is free.

>While on the subject of The Craufurd Arms, we must give you the heads up about a band playing next Thursday, the Von Hertzen Brothers.

Have a google, check out YouTube and then take a ticket for what could well be one of the gigs of the year at the venue. Current album, Nine Lives is one of the best we’ve heard in ages

> Also visiting the venue (onNovember 7) are rockers Toseland - fronted by two-time World Super Bike Champion James Toseland, and Har Mar Superstar, at The Craufurd on November 21.

Tickets for all these dates are available online now.