Bob brings his happy ‘tail’ to Milton Keynes

Bob and James - visiting Milton Keynes for the purrfect meet and greet!
Bob and James - visiting Milton Keynes for the purrfect meet and greet!

We’ve piles of rock n roll memoirs and biographies which we love, but most are a ‘work in progress’ and haven’t been read cover to cover. Yet.

But last summer an enchanting read about one-time homeless man, James Bowen, and stray cat, (later named Bob), proved the exception.

We bought it on a mini break to Brighton, ‘pawed’ over the pages and digested every last word in little over a day.

That’s impressive for us, but then the story of A Street Cat Called Bob is impressive too, not to mention heartwarming.

“Since Bob has appeared, I’ve made huge strides in my life,” James said.

“For more than a decade I was a homeless drug addict.

“I was lost to the world and had forgotten what was important in life.

“Now I’ve got myself back on my feet, but as I put the past behind me, I’m still stepping unsteadily into the future.

Not that he is alone: “Bob is always there to offer guidance and friendship,” he added.

The relationship between the ginger cat and his friend has become a worldwide hit – translated in 25 languages, it spent more than a year in the Sunday Times bestseller charts, sitting pretty in the top spot for much of that time.

The book success brought with it a blossoming ‘fan club’ and the duo now have thousands of twitter and Facebook fans , who now snap pictures of the book on their travels all over the world.

GO! got involved too and snapped Bob right on the border of Finland and Sweden last year.

We said we were fans!

Now, Bob’s puddy-tat lovers are being rewarded; the second book, The World According To Bob, hit retailer shelves earlier this month.

It continues where the debut read left off – telling of the ways in which Bob and James have protected each other through times of illness and hardship, and how much happiness they bring to one another.

Bob is an amazing cat, but James is an amazing fella, who has managed to escape the grip of addiction.

On Friday, the duo will be visiting Milton Keynes to meet fans and sign copies of the new book.

Get your signature and paw print at WHSmith in thecentre:mk from 1pm.