Bob Dylan shows his artistic side

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Building on the previous success enjoyed by Bob Dylan’s Drawn Blank season, Castle Galleries in Central Milton Keynes has this week unveiled six previously unveiled limited edition graphics from the collection.

The releases are in response to the unprecedented demand and worldwide acclaim for The Drawn Blank series which was originally released in 2008.

These pieces are part of a new 11-piece collection of Dylan’s work.

Only 295 of each title will be available, and each one will be hand-signed by the legendary musician and artist.

“It is very exciting that we can display the works of the cultural phenomenon and artist that is Bob Dylan and share this with the people of Milton Keynes,” said Peter Viet-Lu, Milton Keynes Castle Galleries manager.

“Art lovers and fans of his music will love the release of The Drawn Blank Series 2013.

“Dylan uses colour in a unique way to give a new dimension to his sketches that are then transformed into new works of art, which convey very raw emotions, giving us some insight into one of the world’s greatest icons,” he added.