Broken Faces from war torn places

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We are all well versed in the history and horrors of WWI, or so we would hope.

But away from battle names, political speeches and the tragic death tolls are the individual stories of people that loved and lost during the troubles.

And some of those many, many stories are being told at Westbury Arts Centre this week, with a new photographic exhibition that launches on Saturday.

Animals played their part in the war of course, but you might not have heard about Jackie the Babboon who was taken to France by South African Soldiers.

So acute was the hearing of the creature, Jackie could warn soldiers of enemy movement and possible attack.
Then there were the stray cats and dogs who were under suspicion as spies, while other forces ‘employed’ the talents of an eagle and a bear!

The First World War also saw the birth of modern surgery as we now know it, with the battle afflicted soldiers requiring their ‘broken faces’ be put back together.

Accounts have been lifted from articles in papers and books, and the photos have been shot in black and white by ace snapper Legge using local artists and people.

The show runs through to October 11, with viewing between 10am-4pm weekdays, 10am-5pm weekends.

Admission is free.

For more details, call direct on 01908 501214.