Caron puts things into perspective

One of Caron's creations
One of Caron's creations

Milton Keynes Society of Artists will gather for their monthly meeting at The Buszy this Wednesday evening.

Every month brings a guest speaker to the fore, and this time, it is a lady who will be familiar to the assembled – after all, Caron Higgins is the Chairman of the group, and naturally a talented artist to boot.

She will be talking about, and giving a demonstration of the use of perspective in art – how to get it right, solve problems and make it work for you.

For the best part of three decades Caron has worked as a stage set designer – a role needing sound knowledge and understanding of perspective.

This sparked her interest – and research – into the origin of the rules and reasons of the subject and its relationship to the way modern day artists can use it to direct the viewer into their picture.

In short, Caron knows what she is talking about, and a session in her company will enlighten you.

The talk, Beyond The Basic, is free to members, £5 for those not in the club, from 7.30pm.

>Next Thursday (August 29) Jan Pursey-Grange will hold a workshop at Little Brickhill Village Hall, helping those of you who want to ‘brush’ up on your skills at painting flowers in watercolour.

Jan, a fellow member of the MKSA, is one of the best artists of her type in the area and her colourful work with it’s loose and rich style is much lauded.

To book your spot, pay a visit on-line to