Car Wars video goes viral after Milton Keynes garage owner launches '˜revenge' attack on rival

A '˜Car Wars' revenge attack video went viral after one salesroom had a bust up with another in Bletchley.

Monday, 15th October 2018, 3:31 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 4:20 pm

Saxon Bridge car superstore on Mount Farm accused staff at nearby Perrys of spreading “slanderous rumours” about its business.

To get his own back, Saxon’s owner Brett Whiles (pictured) loaded up a truck with his own giant advertising hoarding - and placed it right across Perry’s entrance.

And he filmed himself doing the manoeuvre, complete with a running commentary, under cover of darkness on Friday night.

Two rival garage owners are at loggerheads in Milton Keynes

The resulting video, posted on Saxon Bridge’s Facebook page, got more than 27,000 views over the weekend.

Brett posted: “I don’t normally get involved in petty arguments or gossip, but when a company this size starts slanderous rumours, I think it’s nice to reply directly.”

By Saturday Perry’s general manager Duncan Sands posted a peace offering.

He said: “I have just heard that allegedly individuals in my team have made comments about Saxon Bridge. If this is the case, I will deal with it immediately and appropriately.”

Two rival garage owners are at loggerheads in Milton Keynes

He added: “we have absolutely no issue with Saxon Bridge. In fact we completely welcome the efforts you are putting in to make Bletchley a great place to buy used cars.”

By Monday the two business, which are only a few hundred yards apart, seemed to be friends.

Mr Sands told the Citizen: “I met with Brett and the issue is completely resolved...The truck has been removed.”

He added: “Investigations have found that the unfortunate rumours were not created by Perrys staff. It seems that they originated from within a common third party, a conclusion reached by both Saxon Bridge and Perrys”.

Perrys, which is in Bilton Road, is less than half a mile away from Saxon Bridge showrooms in Auckland Park, Mount Farm.