Good news at last for customers of defunct Saxon Bridge car superstore in Milton Keynes

A kind-hearted garage has stepped in to help the hundreds of customers who paid for service plans through the now defunct Saxon Bridge car superstore in Milton Keynes.

Wednesday, 9th October 2019, 3:51 pm
QCD Autocentre

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QCD Autocentre, just down the road from the Saxon Bridge showrooms in Bletchley's Mount Farm, will honour all the agreements, the owners have promised.

Customers who bought cars from the superstore were offered a free annual service if the paid a monthly amount to the company. The average payment was around £15 a month.

Gates closed on Saxon Bridge premises

Because the payments went directly to Saxon Bridge, which is now going into liquidation, many people thought their money was lost.

Today QCD director Tofu Rahman said: “We really want to help the local community and customers affected and potentially would of lost their monies they paid into the plan to administrators.

“We have decided to take on the existing service plans without penalising the customers who have paid into plan.”

Mr Rahman added: “We are currently working on transferring everyone's service plan over to us and picking up where the customer left off, making appropriate deductions and discounts to ensure every customer is not affected.”

Saxon Bridge closed suddenly

Former Saxon Bridge service plan holders can contact QCD through a special email they have set up - [email protected] or they can call 0333 358 0383.

Saxon Bridge closed suddenly two weeks ago and is now in the process of going into liquidation.

A spokesman for the company said on Facebook: “We are incredibly grateful to QCD Autocentres for stepping in and helping us honour the service plans people have paid into. They've worked tirelessly with us since the closure to come up with a plan. They're a lovely bunch and will look after you.”

He added: “Unfortunately the company that ran our service plan system are unable to give us a list of people who paid in due to GDPR, but rest assured QCD will help every single one of you.

“This does mean we're not able to contact everyone who had the service plan directly to notify them of this. Anyone you know friends or family that may not see this, please tag them or if they don't have Facebook pass on the details."