Milton Keynes Council is third highest earner from parking charges in the country behind London and Brighton

Milton Keynes Council earns more from parking charges than anywhere in the country outside of London and Brighton, a new report has shown.

Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 9:27 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 10:31 am
MK Council makes more money from parking charges than anywhere else in the country outside of London and Brighton

The data, collected by the RAC Foundation, shows the council reaped £11,296 in parking profits last year.

It was only slightly below the London boroughs of Brent and Lambeth, but less than half the amount pocketed by popular Brighton and Hove.

But it still wasn’t enough for MKC officers and councillors, who are currently concerned because the profit has dropped over the past year.

A recent budget meeting referred to a “significant” reduction in car parking income against projected figures.

And councillors are even considering selling off some under-used car parks as capital assets.

One of the possible uses for them would be residential development, the meeting decided.

Funds from parking fees are invested in also invested in public transport, highway improvements and other projects.

Opposition Conservative councillors in Milton Keynes are pushing to see the profits reduced by giving shoppers more free parking in CMK.

The launched a campaign and petition, backed by the two Tory MPs, calling for two hours’ free parking. They say it will encourage more people to use the shopping centre.

MP Mark Lancaster said: “Footfall is dropping, as is parking revenue. It’s time to look at how we can be more competitive.”

The Labour-run council has not yet agreed the petition.

A spokesman for the RAC Foundation said: “When totted up, council parking income amounts to a multi-million pound business. We encourage motorists to seek out and read their local authority’s annual parking report.”