Chest rattling pulses? It must be Fortissimo

Action Beat: They know how to throw a party!
Action Beat: They know how to throw a party!

Fortissimo Records is hosting it’s summer party this weekend – cue a wealth of cool alt-sounds and really, far too much fun than you would usually have on a Sunday.

The music is coming from far and wide to the Wolverton draw too – grab yourselves a drink, break on through to the back room and enjoy sounds from New York City, Geneva, Lyon and various pockets of this fair Isle.

This is one of those cracking all ages shows, and doors are early, at 5.30pm, so you’ll need to set the video to ‘record’ if you are an Antiques Roadshow fan.

And we know the promoter is!

So, to those set to make a wonderful din in exchange for your fiver...

We start with the House of John Player, ‘the pop prince of Bletchley’ who lives in France, so it’s not hello, but bonjour!

He used to do the loop pedal thing, but now is strictly acoustic, and a man who songs are weird and anthemic, with melodies that meander through using secret passages. Sounds lush on paper, and better in the live.

Don Xero is the Fortissimo honcho who swapped the new city for New York City, and who can blame him?

‘One man, one synth, obnoxio-noise, chest rattling pulses, jet engine roars and brown noise,’ is promised.

Visitors are urged to ‘wear a nappie.’ Sounds messy.

Now to the local side and Ernest Herb is bringing his sample-laden, predominantly instrumental hip-hop to the party.

There will be bits of vocals and virtuoso keys to look forward to, though.

Fellow MK oiks Kollapso are ‘punk rock done proper,’ and come complete with members of Peel-endorsed Bletchley punks Claire...

Spanning the Bletchley-London divide, Hired Muscle will be flexing theirs for the first time in a long time, offering fans the first performance of tracks from their forthcoming second album – expected to be released later this year.

What’s it like?

‘Turbo charged pop math post punk,’ with guitars that scratch, rhythms that contort and tunes you can hum to.’

Swiss band Massicot, from Geneva, are second on the bill. The all-female no-wave krautrockers deal only in all-consuming brilliance, and will blow your socks off.

If you are wearing any.

Not surprisingly, Action Beat will headline, and the globe-trotting-noise-behemoth-badly-oiled-machine will be bringing a plentiful number of drummers out to take time behind the kit.

“It will be a bit like that film Pacific Rim crossed with Godzilla, King Kong and Jurassic Park, all in one room,” they promise.

It’ll also be sweaty and superb.