Cineworld D-Box is D-Business!

D Box Chairs at Cineworld
D Box Chairs at Cineworld

I’LL confess right away: I have never seen any of the Batman films, says Sammy Jones.

Cinema for me is all about gritty horror flicks (House of a Thousand Corpses, Halloween, get the picture), a nice quirky, cute animation (Up, Despicable Me or Ice Age), or a gripping drama.

I don’t ‘do’ sci-fi or silly adventure...’boy’s films’, I call ‘em.

Nonetheless, when D-Box expert Phil Smit invites me to watch Batman, The Dark Knight Rises in one of Cineworld’s new posh D-Box seats, it’s an opportunity too good to refuse, so we don’t.

Instead, we take a pew and experience what this new motion effect seating business is all about.

‘Live every twist, turn and crash’ is the wow factor on the D-Box literature, and there are quite a few of twists and turns at the start of Batman.

It is quite a funny sensation when your chair first starts tipping and turning, and for a second I forget I’m in the comfort of new seating technology and start fretting I will be ejected from the plane on the big screen...which is the whole point of these seats – you don’t observe, you feel a part of the action.

There is limited D-Box seating at the cinema and no shortage of folks wanting to splash the extra cash required to enjoy the experience.

Cineworld is the first UK cinema chain to have offered this ‘fourth dimension’ to film fans, and only Glasgow beat MK in the rush for the new technology.

The seat doesn’t shake, rattle and roll continually, but if the motion does make you feel a little giddy, simply turn down the settings at the touch of a switch.

Equally, those of you who want the full effect can go mad and switch to a more vigorous tone...

GO! has teamed up with Cineworld MK to offer a pair of tickets for one reader and a guest to experience the pull of the D-Box for themselves.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply tell us which actor plays Gotham goody Batman. Is it:

A Christian Stack

B Christian Bale

C Christian Field

Email your answer, together with your name, address and a daytime telephone number to:

Closing date for entries is Wednesday, August 29th.

First correct answer picked at random will win.

Usual Citizen terms and conditions apply.

> As for Batman itself?

Well, we were quite taken with the darkness, very taken with Christian, and absolutely loved the Batpod.

I guess that means it was a hit!