Concrete Cows - calf size

Just moo-vellous!
Just moo-vellous!

They are part of the real fabric of Milton Keynes, the concrete cows are, and now – hot on the hoof of the miniature concrete cows, come the cardboard moos.

Planet Cow have come up with the idea of a flatpack mini cow assembly, which contains everything you need to be able to make your very own tiny replica of the Bancroft Park residents.

“These cows are not as injurious to the environment as the real cows because they do not produce any methane gas,” moo-d a spokesman.

“They have been designed to be very shoe friendly as they don’t make cow pats.”

It’s a clever little kit, if a little bit fiddly, and makes the perfect stocking filler for your folks and friends.

We should include the health and safety bit though, and say that assembly should be by an adult.

Sharp scissors and little fingers do not make for a happy partnership!

The kits are currently on sale in retailers all over the city: At Waterstone’s Bookstore in thecentre:mk, at the City Discovery Centre store, at MK Museum, at Newport Pagnell Post Office and at the OU shop.

And they retail at less than three quid making them udderly affordably.