Cromwell’s Garrison Town: Visit the exhibition

The Sealed Knot: Newport Pagnell Re-enactment in the 1980s
The Sealed Knot: Newport Pagnell Re-enactment in the 1980s

There is still time to discover what life was like in Newport Pagnell in the 17th century with the exhibition, Cromwell’s Garrison Town.

It allows the visitor to relive the history of the town during the Civil War when it became a military stronghold - key to the control and ultimate success of Cromwell’s army.

The show is currently being housed at Milton Keynes Central Library.

With rarely seen material from the time Roundheads fought Cavaliers, the exhibition identifies what the garrison looked like, and how life really was in a fortified town.

The fascinating display - located upstairs in the library - has just been extended to Wednesday, May 1.

Admission is free.

> On May 4, the exhibition will be housed at Newport Pagnell’s United Reformed Church, between 10am and 4pm.

Author Jack Reynolds has written an in-depth, engaging pager-turner covering the events in Newport Pagnell and the South Midlands during the troublesome times.

He will be signing copies of Cromwell’s Garrison Town at the Newport Pagnell show.