CUE AND PLAY: Karl Wallinger

Karl Wallinger: "I miss the independents..."
Karl Wallinger: "I miss the independents..."
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Karl Wallinger put together World Party in 1986, and they carried the torch for intelligent pop and outstanding live musicianship.

They shared management with Prince, released five albums (and were Grammy nominated for one).

Remember Robbie’s smash hit She’s The One? That single was a World Party track before Williams got hold of it!

Wallinger has spent the past seven years recovering from a brain aneurysm, but is now back in play.

In 2012, World Party played a comback show at the Albert Hall, and they are currently out on their first tour proper, for 12 years.

On Wednesday, they go live at The Stables in Wavendon.

City Nights asked Karl to tackle Cue & Play, and he obliged...

> Tell us about the first record you bought/downloaded

It was Somebody Help Me by the SpencerDavis Group – it was sung by Stevie Winwood who was about 8 years old and sounded like Ray Charles

It had the great sustained/distorted guitar sound and I could do a good impersonation of it through the gap in my front teeth with the right amount of saliva!

> An album that you can’t live without – and why

There isn’t an album I couldn’t live without but there are far too many records that I could never NOT hear again!!

> Most embarrassing record in your collection

It’s just embarrassing being human most of the time so all our records are pretty embarrassing really.

I mean I might take humanity more seriously if it wasn’t so intent on self-destruction......

Okay, I guess I am not embarrassed easily!!

> An album you wish you’d bought, but didn’t

Who buys albums or music these days, if you like something, just download it!!

> What about your favourite artist of all time? What is the attraction?

My favourite artist, anyone making half decent music and this means that they are probably young and still have something to prove.

Apart from Dylan, who has made good records since he turned 101 years old, there seem to be few oldies that can cut it anymore, (I hope to be an exception, by the way!)

I have loved Bowie, for instance, but I had to take his new record off after three or four tracks.....

> If we could grant you a wish to meet one musician or band, who would it be and why? What question would you ask them?

Probably someone like Robert Johnson the blues man.

I’d like to meet someone who made this music before the money men got to it......

> Name a song that never fails to pick you up

Staying Alive by the BeeGees - I used it as the soundtrack–when I used to work out!!

> And one that chills you out...

How Deep Is Your Love. The BeeGees are wonderful aren’t they.?

What was the first gig you attended

The Grateful Dead at Alexandra Palace. I was meant to go to see Led Zep at Earls Court but I lost my virginity instead...

> Tell us about your favourite record shop or online store, and what the appeal is

> I would like to open a record store, I have opened them in my mind before and they always have counters where you can sit infront of turntables and listen on headphones with a friend

There would be no CDs in the world and you either bought the vinyl or downloaded the music.....

I cant be near CDs as they are such stupid things..

They killed artwork and made the record companies feel it was good business to flog everyone the same records they had on vinyl

That made them think the future was all wrapped up...well it wasn’t was it guys?

I miss the good independents.

> You can step into the shoes of your musical idol for 24 hours. Who do you choose and what would you do?

It would have to be One Direction on a day off in Sweden...

>You can banish one artist to the bargain bin. Who do you choose?

Life’s too crazy to do mischief to others even if they get up your nose!

Tickets for the Wavendon show can be booked by calling MK 280800.