Diamond event will shine bright at The Stables...

Blake: Stables return
Blake: Stables return

Although The Stables returned to a more familiar path last week following a summer break, it is still a decidedly sleepy venue in the coming days, with just two shows for you, and tickets are limited for both.

Tomorrow, The Diamond Decades will pay homage to Neil Diamond, so there will be no shortage of material.

Mr Diamond is one of music’s true legends, a consummate performer and the man behind beautiful ballads (Love On The Rocks, Hello Again), up-tempo pop (Forever in Blue Jeans and Sweet Caroline) and iconic aces – who can forget America, for example?

Diamond by name, diamond by nature, he is.

Filling his shoes, in a manner of speaking, is a big job but one JJ Jones has taken on and he will be live after 8pm.

Tickets, if you can get them, are £19.50.

And at the time of writing it’s standing tickets only that are left for Blake’s date here on Saturday.

Terry Wogan reckons the male harmony group are ‘A trio of unsurpassed musical brilliance,’ and you can hear plenty of that brilliance on the current album, Start Over.

The release mixes lots of nice contemporary harmony pop, some original, and covers of tunes by artists including Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney.

Tickets to hear the boys in perfect pitch are on at £24, and extremely limited.

Call and book on MK 280800.