Don Quixote, as seen by Sancho and Hijinx

Sancho production
Sancho production

INSPIRED by one of the greatest works of fiction ever published, Hijinx Theatre will perform The Adventures of Sancho Panza at The Chrysalis Theatre tonight and tomorrow evening.

Hijinx Theatre is one of Wales’ leading professional theatre companies and passionately advocates the inclusion of people with learning disabilities.

The collective will present a boisterous, contemporary adaptation of ‘Don Quixote’ through the eyes of his companion Sancho Panza.

Sancho is a son grieving for his father and lonely in his thoughts.

Until one day, as he recalls the stories his dad used to tell him about Don Quixote, and the comically idealistic knight bursts into his world and takes him on an adventure.

Using vibrant music, puppetry and masks, the cast transports Sancho and the audience from the heartache of real life to the exuberance of Quixote’s world.

The talented cast of five performers, including two actors with Downs Syndrome, fire up the limitless imagination of Don Quixote and will make you want to cry, laugh and get up and dance.

Join the adventure and rediscover the sheer joy of being alive, from 7.30pm.

Tickets are £9, concessions £7.

Call MK 235505 to book.

> Youngsters are invited on an incredible journey through land, sea and rocketing through the sky on Friday as How to Catch a Star comes to Stantonbury Theatre.

Based on the best-selling children’s book by award-winning author Oliver Jeffers, this bewitching retelling of the story is a must-see for small people aged three to seven years old.

Blunderbus director Bill Davies has adapted the story (with music and lyrics by Frank Goodhind), to bring to life the tale of a star-gazing boy who sets out to plan a way to catch his very own star. “How To Catch a star is quite an epic adventure and we travel with the boy as he visits many different landscapes.

“We’ve tried to recreate this wonderful book in a magical and enchanting way, using live music, rod and shadow puppets, incredible actors and, of course, the trademark Blunderbus songs.”

Tickets are £8 (children £5.50), running time 50 mins, call MK 324422.